As Pastoral Associate for Christian Formation, I would like to offer a summer reflection on the Faith Life of our parish, and how our Faith Life is modeled and taught. There are vibrant signs of a healthy Faith Life in our parish. Over 140 young people will be Confirmed here this Fall. Over 120 made their First Communion this past Spring. Our two Churches have witnessed the Baptisms of nearly 100 new members in the past year. All signs that our Faith Life is evident, vibrant, and visible for all to see.

So many of you worship each week at Saint Agnes and Saint Mary Churches, a reflection of faith expressed. Daily Mass has steady numbers in attendance, both at the 7:00 AM at Saint Mary Church, and the 9:00 AM at Saint Agnes. All of us benefit from the many Masses and prayers offered by our community. Dedication to so many parish groups, like Helping Hands for Hurting Hearts, which meets at Saint Agnes Church, and Legion of Mary, which meets at Saint Mary Church; show a faith in action that is gratifying to all. There are numerous others. Above all, faith is something modeled and caught, rather than something that is taught. Teaching the basics of our faith is important, and it is not neglected. Real faith is experienced, and modeling our faith is the most important way it is taught. Being with persons of faith strengthens our own faith, and leads us all to be better Catholics, better Christians.

In this summer season, with time for relaxation and reflection, I hope you take some time to think about how your own faith is expressed. What is it that you already do that shows your faith in action? Are there activities you need to add to your daily life that will better reflect your own faith? I invite you to look at our parish website, found at and notice the many opportunities for service, for prayer, and for worship. We worship together because our faith calls us to do so, we serve together because our faith leads us to do so, we pray for each other, our community, and our world because our faith reminds us to do so. Ask yourself this summer season, “How do I model my faith? Can others look at me and my example and know me as a person of prayer? Can my friends and family look at me and see me worshipping with my parish community? Are there more ways I can be of service, putting my faith into action?

As Pastoral Associate for Christian Formation, my challenge is to find more ways to help to form hearts; hearts formed because we have let God in to work on our hearts. This begins in our families, where God first touches our hearts. From our families to our friends, our community, and out to the world. We are all invited to join together in worship, in prayer, and in service. If we are all doing this, Christian Formation happens all around us. Thanks to all who support me in my ministry, your support and prayers are always appreciated.