Caring for God’s Acre

Cemeteries, like homes and neighborhoods, can be beautiful and attractive, or cluttered and untidy.  This depends in part on the adherence to cemetery regulations.  Only by your cooperation, and by our strict enforcement, can we attain our common goal of keeping a beautiful and attractive cemetery.

The cemetery has established fair and reasonable regulations.  They exist to protect the conscientious lot owner.  They are essential for the cemetery to be attractive and well maintained without placing an unfair financial burden on our families.  Removal and disposal of decorations is an ever increasing operating expense.  Environmental controls do not permit burning, so all debris must be hauled away from the cemetery.  We ask you not to over-decorate, both for aesthetic reasons, and to help keep maintenance and disposal costs within reason.

Thousands of people visit the cemetery yearly, hundreds daily.  It is, therefore, very difficult to control the activity of every visitor.  We regret we cannot protect decorations from damage or disappearance.

In our mutual desire to have a well-kept cemetery, the Association regulations are as follows:

Monument Regulations

Rules & Regulations (effective July 2016)

Upright Monument & Grave Plantings:

  • Annual & Perennials allowed in front of stone, no more than 12 inches out.

Flush marker Graves:

  • Fresh or artificial lowers allowed in ground vase.

Upright and Flush Marker Areas:

  • Winter boxes (Christmas) permitted from November 20 – February 28.
  • All decorations will be removed starting March 1
  • Potted plants permitted on holidays for 10 days
  • American Flags allowed from Memorial Day to July 4.

On Flush Marker Lots:

  • Decorations are confined to the area directly behind the marker or between markers.  No more than one decoration may be placed on a grave.  It is NOT necessary to decorate each grave.  One decoration to a lot is recommended.
  • Decorations improperly placed make it impossible to excavate graves and clear snow.  Decorations and wires freeze to the ground and cannot be removed without breakage.  Frequently, they are buried in the snow and cannot be seen.  Sometimes, damage occurs during winter interments despite exercising all reasonable caution and, therefore, the cemetery cannot be responsible for any damage.


  • Vigil Lights, open flame or solar
  • Planting borders of any kind (plastic, concrete, block or fencing)
  • Loose stones or statues of any kind
  • Garden flags, planter or flag stands, garden rocks, plaques, balloons, pinwheels, and windchimes
  • No new plantings of bushes
  • Bottles, cans, cards, pictures or toys
  • Flower arrangements on top of monuments

No dogs allowed.