Update on online giving (12/19/17): the St. Mary account has been inactivated. Several emails were sent asking parishioners to switch over their accounts, but some people are reporting that they did not receive them. Perhaps they went to spam and as a result deleted. We had to take this action because we can no longer operate under the old Federal Tax ID number. If you are still interested in online giving, you can open a new account with Precious Blood Parish. Simply go to our website, linked below, and click the giving tab which will take you to the Our Sunday Visitor website. From there you can create a new account. I am told that you can use the same email but that you can not use the same user name that you used for your St. Mary Account. If for some reason you have trouble signing up for Precious Blood Parish, you can call 1-800-348-2886, option 2. They are super helpful and will make the process as painless as possible.

A note about online giving: anyone who has given online to St. Mary Parish should have received an email with instructions for how to delete that account and create a new one for Precious Blood Parish. In the email you received there are 2 links. The 1st one is for your new account. The 2nd one is to your old account where you need to delete your payment information. We suggest you do this first. Click the 2nd link and delete your payment information. Now close down the browser - in other words, close out of the internet. Now click the 1st link in the email to set up your new account. You will now set up a NEW user name and password, add your banking information and schedule your donations. We apologize for the trouble and hope to have everything working smoothly soon. If you have any difficulty with the process above, you can call Meg Hayes at (203) 878-3571 or call Our Sunday Visitor at the number provided in the email. 

Precious Blood Parish offers Online Giving through our website using Our Sunday Visitor. In providing this service, we offer you the convenience of being able to give the way you want, whenever you want. Online Giving lets you make secure, online contributions to our church, including using your credit or debit cards for donations.

There is no cost to you for Online Giving and each gift provides many advantages to you and the church:

Donate to John Rigely Food Pantry
Donate to our Haiti Project

Benefits for You

  • No check writing or ATM stops before church

  • Safe, secure, and confidential

  • Earn frequent flier miles, points or cashbask with certain credit/debit cards.

  • Recurring or One-time or donations can be made whenever it is convenient for you.

Benefits for The Church

  • Reduces check processing fees

  • Reduces staff time devoted to offertory deposits

  • Secure financial transactions that enable accurate budgeting forecasts

  • Ease of providing annual tax statements for parishioners upon request


Meghean Hayes
(203) 878-3571