Truly belonging to a Christian community is signified not only by attendance, but also by registration. Newcomers are invited to register at the rectory during office hours or by filling out the form below.

Please complete the form and email it to both and

Update Registration Information

If you are already a member of our parish, but need to update your information, please call or visit the Parish Office.

Envelopes for Offertory Contributions

To All Registered Parishioners: Weekly donations are tracked through the envelope system, that is, through your parish registration number (for tax purposes). This is one reason we encourage all to register with us regardless of whether you are full-time or seasonal parishioners. Please call the church office if your address changes or to register.

Keeping your address current with the rectory saves the parish in postage costs and keeps our census information up-to-date. Please note that it may take up to eight weeks for changes to take effect. 


Parish Office
(203) 878-3571