Purpose of the Pastoral Council is to assist  the Pastor according to Church Law. The members should oversee the Parish, be transparent to the parishioners, help in Pastoral planning, envision the future of the Parish using a 5 yr. plan and determine the needs of the Parish and pass it on to the Finance Committee.

pastoral council officers

Bob Lessard - Chairman

Richard Jagoe - Vice Chairman

Pam Amendola - Secretary

Brian Burgh

Michael Dorney

Felix Lizasuian

Patricia Byrne

Hilma Nolan

Raymond Stattel

Doris Nash

Mary Beth Kirksciun

Patrice Dunn

Annual Report

The first year was a pretty impressive start for a new pastoral council.  12 people who were not used to working together, and from two different parishes, came together and formed a cohesive unit willing to create a successful council. 

Having been on St. Mary’s council, I have found this new council set up to become a truer Pastoral Council.  In the past, it was having members from the parish’s committees get up and report on how their group was getting on.  It became a situation where the same reports were given at every meeting by the same groups.  This council was given the opportunity by Fr. Donahue to be more creative and to make changes for the good of the parish.  We have started this year by creating a Parish vision statement, new by-laws , discussions on where we are headed etc.  

A first year of any organization is never easy.  There are many obstacles which the group may face and I feel this group has done it well and will continue to do so.

 Bob Lessard 

 Pastoral Council Chairman