Summer is now upon us, and if you are like me, we look forward to time to relax and reflect. I have been given pause this week to reflect on Father Chacko’s example from his homily this past week, using the Sequoia Trees as a metaphor. To recap, you would think that the giant Sequoias would have very long and deep roots, lest the towering height cause them to topple easily in the Pacific winds. But in fact, their roots are shallow, but intertwine with the neighboring trees’ roots to make for a very sturdy tree. The tree is only sturdy because of the connection to its neighbors; it could not support itself alone.

Here in the eastern two thirds of Milford, Saint Agnes and Saint Mary parishes will become one this week, with Christ the Redeemer to follow when their pastor retires. In our new Precious Blood Parish, our Catholic roots are deep, and our personal roots need to grow and intertwine so that we can hold each other up, reaching for greater and greater heights. When I think of my own faith development, I think of the people and the personal connections that have brought me to where I am today. Now we all have a new opportunity to make new connections, and to have our roots make us even stronger than ever.

When you see someone who is new, make them feel welcome. When you see someone in need, rely on our community to be of help. We are a parish of the Risen Lord, and we are all saved by His Precious Blood. His saving action is ongoing, His redemption of us all is ever present, His Body and Blood strengthens us all to be His presence in the community where we live. God needs us to be a beacon of hope in a world that often lacks hope; God needs us to be a sign to all of Milford that He lives among us still.

Our two vibrant Churches will now be one parish. Our two welcoming communities will now be one welcoming presence. Join with all of us to make our Catholic faith alive, evident, and overflowing with good will. Be a part of the future of the Catholic Church in Milford. Help to be the roots that hold our faith so high, towering for all to see.