Dear Friends,

The celebration of the Sacrament of Confirmation last Saturday at St. Mary’s was an occasion to re- member. That day, over one hundred and ten young people and adults affirmed the promises made for them at Baptism, and accepted their new place in the Church as fully initiated Catholics who are called to be witnesses to Christ by the example of their lives. Msgr. Joseph Donnelly, who conferred the sacrament, spoke in a way that seemed to really connect with those being confirmed. We congratulate all the newly confirmed.

Next Saturday, October 12, at 12:30 PM, be- hind St. Mary’s Church near the statue of St. Francis of Assisi, we will hold the annual Blessing of the Animals. This blessing is given usually on or near the feast of St. Francis, which falls on October 4. Our pets matter to us. They are our companions. They offer us unconditional love and we offer them love in return. For those who are pet owners, the benefits of having a pet far outweigh any cost or burden that a pet might incur. Please be sure that all animals are on leashes or in crates. The whole ceremony should take less than half an hour.

Looking forward, the annual Mass for the Faithful Departed will be celebrated at St. Mary’s Church on Wednesday, November 6, at 7:30 PM. During that Mass, the names of all parishioners who died and were buried from our parish, at either St. Mary or St. Agnes, will be read and they will be remembered in prayer as a candle is lighted in their memory. Family members will be notified by letter in the next several weeks and they are asked to respond so that appropriate preparations can be made. A reception will follow the Mass that evening in Father Cronin Hall.

Also by way of reminder, in your packet of envelopes for October, you probably received an envelope for All Souls’ Day. You are invited to write the names of loved ones who have died whom you want to remember on the envelope, enclose whatever offering you would like, and drop it into any collection basket during the month of October or even into early November. The envelopes will be collected and placed on the altars in both churches and those whose names are written on them will be remembered in Masses throughout the month of November, in keeping with the tradition of the Church in observing the month of November as the month of the Holy Souls.

Have a good week!