Pope Francis says "to know this God, who is love, we have to go up these steps of love for the other, of works of charity and of works of mercy that the Lord has taught us." We received a thank you note from a 72 year old woman I wanted to share. "Very recently I was in a bad crisis situation. My neighbor who is a member of your church gave me the name of someone to contact at your church that would be able to help. I needed food and some other help. I contacted Deacon John Hoffman who immediately went to work getting me help. Within several hours I was contacted regarding getting me food. A woman called me and asked me what food I could use. That evening she brought me food that I really needed - more than I thought I would receive. Several days later she called & brought me some more food. God bless her and her husband. I am 72 years old and no one has ever helped me. I just couldn't believe that these total strangers were willing to help me. I'm truly blessed. Thank you so much for your help - God bless everyone."