This past weekend we enjoyed our parish picnic, complete with good food, good friends, good music and the fellowship of each other. I’m not sure if this marks the end of the summer season, or the beginning of fall, but it was an occasion that showed the best of our parish family.

Much planning went into the event, and many thanks to all on the picnic committee, and all who contributed in the planning. Setting up on Saturday, there were Boy Scouts from Troop 12, Confirmation students, students from Saint Mary School, and a few of us “old folks” as well. More volunteer students arrived Sunday morning, and with committee mem- bers, the set-up was complete. Music began, food was enjoyed, raffles were won. Young and old alike enjoyed the bubble wands, and more than a few bounced in the bounce house. With “Hit the Road Jack” blasting out as a final song, most took their leave. Additional volunteers from scouts, and Saint Mary School, and Confirmation students worked to- gether to put all the chairs, tables, and equipment away; all in time for the next group to begin their meeting in Father Callahan Hall at 5:30 PM. Again, many thanks to so many who did so much to make the day great! We so appreciate the many positive comments from those who attended the picnic, so glad so many enjoyed the day.

One final thought on the picnic: what a great location for such an event. Room to be outside for those who enjoy that, room inside for those who prefer. No barriers to anyone who wished to attend. A great cel- ebration of the wonderful parish that we are.

Our parish continues to grow, and this is due to the welcoming attitude of so many of you. We are truly living out the truth of Eucharist, that Christ is present when we gather in His name. May we all continue to be His hands and His heart for all in our community, especially those who need His love the most. As we gather around His table each week, may we all look to invite more to join us, and have more and more come to know the marvelous parish family that we are. God bless you all.