Here in the summer months, life seems to slow down, at least for some of us. But not here in your parish. This past Sunday we welcomed new Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion to our cohort of ministers who serve us all so well. In addition to serving at Masses, they will bring communion to the homebound and the sick in hospitals and nursing homes. Please congratulate the following who are new to us: Jeanne Campagna, William Localzo, Emily Nolan, Leigh Plantamura, Louis Santiago, Joan Shumaker, and Barbara Skoppe. Simplicia Bartolome is returning to the ministry after a leave to care for a family member.

If you are interested in volunteering to be a lector, especially at Saint Agnes, please let Deacon John know. We have several families with students interested in being altar servers. There will be training later this summer to begin serving in the Fall. We are looking for boys or girls who have made their First Communion, and have an interest. Again, please let Deacon John know.

We are in need of several new teachers for the Fall for our Sunday and Monday religious education classes. Classes meet ten weeks in the Fall and ten weeks in the Spring. Contact Tori Saxer, Coordinator of Religious Education, if you are interested. Her contact information is in the directory section of the bulletin, or on the website under Religious Education.

If you come across a new family moving in to your neighborhood, and they would like to join our parish, let them know they can register online through our website. We continue to grow as a parish, with five or six new families each week, it seems. Nearly 200 families have registered in the past two years; we should all be glad to be part of such a vibrant and growing parish.

Final thoughts for this week: One life changed the world forever, be His presence today with one kind word, one hand out to help, one smile for a friend, one touch that shows you care. Be His hands and His heart today, this is the invitation He offers to us all.