Next weekend our parish will have a missionary preacher at Saint Mary Church, and he will return later this fall to preach at Saint Agnes. He is Father Augustine Mangalathu, from the Archdiocese of Trivandrum in Kerala, India. This is the mother diocese of Father Sam and Father Deny, and they have helped arrange for him to be here with us.

Presently in Kerala, there is great devastation from this year’s unusual monsoon season, which has caused extensive flooding and loss of life. As of this writing, almost 400 have lost their lives, and nearly one million have been displaced from their homes. Father Deny’s home church has become a refuge for many in his family’s area. The immediate and long- term needs are staggering, and our hope is that our parishioners will be generous in next week’s second collection at Saint Mary Church, and the one to come at Saint Agnes in the future.

The needs in Kerala are in the Hindu, Muslim, and Christian communities. Our response will go through the Catholic diocese there and will be used to help all, regardless of their faith. We do this not because they are all Catholic, but because we are. Please plan to be as generous as you can.

In our local parish, we want you all to know we are vigilant in making our parish a safe environment, especially for our young people. All who work with children and vulnerable adults are background- checked and VIRTUS trained. Our young people are our treasures, and will always be safeguarded. You may have seen responses from Pope Francis and others, and you received a letter from Archbishop Blair last week. You all have our commitment that Precious Blood Parish will be a place of spiritual growth for our youth, in an atmosphere of safety and security for all. If you wish to read Pope Francis’ letter, it can be found at: and is titled: Letter of His Holiness to the People of God.

May we all, strengthened by the Bread of Life, go forth doing all the good we can. God bless.