We are now in the height of the summer season and are enjoying the beauty of living in this seaside community of Milford. It is easy to offer thanks to God when God’s goodness is so evident. We hope all can enjoy the refreshment that summer brings. Precious Blood Parish is growing, and this is good. Our parish school is expecting an increase in enrollment for the seventh year in a row, remarkable when we are aware of Catholic schools struggling or closing, especially nearby. We should all be proud of our school and continue to pray for its success. We continue to build a foundation for the future of the Catholic Church here in Milford.

The sacramental life of the parish is strong. We will Baptize well over 100 children this year and have celebrated over 100 First Communions. We have inquiries for Adult Confirmation and RCIA, and our priests regularly anoint the sick and dying. This year we will certainly exceed 100 funerals, and minister to those families in grief. The priests and deacons are very busy.

We are looking to expand our offerings in the area of Adult Education and Spiritual Enrichment. If you have ideas for topics and areas of interest, please let us know so we can consider these ideas in what we offer. We may look to offer daytime as well as evening programs, so let us know what your preference may be.

A note for those planning weddings: beginning in January of 2019, due to a change in the confession schedule, weddings at Saint Mary Church can start as late as 2:30 PM, and weddings at Saint Agnes Church will be at 2:00PM. We hope this is helpful for those planning their Church wedding.