We have all been mesmerized by the destruction of the flooding in Texas, and then the power of the storm called Irma passing through the Caribbean and then Florida and the Southeastern United States. We have been moved by the resolve of those who overcome obstacles, who weather the storm, who vow to rebuild their lives that have appeared to be shattered. We pray for them, we support them, we identify with them.

Many of us know people who live in the affected areas; many of us have been to the affected areas. In the midst of all this, I think of our sister parish in Haiti, Saint Therese in Marbial, where our efforts the past few years have been on helping to provide clean water. Not running water, not electricity, not even considering air conditioning. Power is spotty, if at all available. This is daily life for our sisters and brothers in Haiti.

Let us never forget when we note the loss of so much among us, there are those who live each day with nothing to lose. May our thoughts and prayers never be far from them, as well.