First of all, a reminder to every parish group that you need to send a representative to the calendar planning meeting to be held August 30, Wednesday, at 7:00 PM at Saint Agnes Church Hall. We want to plan a calendar for the year, trying to accommodate every group’s needs and wants for scheduling. We hope someone from your group can join us for this important event.

Tickets for the First Annual Precious Blood Parish Picnic will be on sale this week and next. Make an effort to attend, make a special effort to meet someone new. Both Churches are filled with wonderful people. Come and share a meal together.

The events of the past few weeks have made prominent the sin of racism that exists in our country, and all countries. In order for our nation to be healed of the sin of racism, each one of us needs to reflect on our need for healing. When we examine our consciences, let us do this humbly before Christ, who prayed to His Father, “so that they all may be You and I are one” John 17, 21. When answering the question, “Who do you say that I am?,” make sure our hearts are open to be healed by the Risen Lord Jesus.

As we commence a new school year, we are pleased that so many will be students with us at Saint Mary School. As we think of all who are returning or beginning school anywhere this year, you may want to pray this prayer of blessing for students and teachers. Or put it in your desk drawer, or stick it in someone’s backpack, or hang it on the refrigerator. Blessing for Students and Teachers

Gracious God, we ask your blessing on students and teachers as they begin a new school year. As we study and teach about the earth, remind us that all is a gift from you. As we study and teach about math and science, remind us that all order is your gift to us. As we study and teach literature and poetry and music, remind us that you are the source of all that is beautiful. Open the minds of all students, the hearts of all teachers, and lead them to have a blessed school year. AMEN.